Saturday, November 12, 2016

FURIA (Pol) - 'Guido'

Release Date : 16/10/2016
FURIA has raised its bizarre head once again. For those who are familiar with the band, every EP - that comes out in between of full length, is always something to watch out for. It would normally turned experi-mentally bizarre and progressively insane.

They have earlier went to one isolated venue, and recorded their most obscure and rawest material ever - the exclusive 'Huta Laura/Katowice/Krolewska Huta' EP (2010). 'Exclusive' here meant that the tracks were never to be played and recorded again. For us, that EP was their best and in its most 'underground' form ever.

The 'Halny' EP (2010) started the bigger experimental and complex side of FURIA. While, 'W Melancholii' EP (2013) kept that bigger 'drone' influence and 'heavy' tone, yet still 'psycho'delic.

Now came 'Guido', recorded live in a depth of 320 metres down in an old Polish mine named - Guido. The band has brought back extreme metal back into the underground, in practicality now.

The materials basically consist of 2 parts. The 'Stara Polska Ksiezycowa' 7 'EP (which should translated as 'Old Polish Moon) offers 2 new tracks in the band's signature musical superiority. The track No. 2 was more mid-paced and epic with splashes of gothic and romantic vocal tone.

While, the 12 'LP - 'Ubrdy, Czesc 1' was the interesting pieces and said to feature 3 improvised tracks (with intro/sampling). It really revealed the experimental and progressive side of FURIA. It started with the intro - "320 w 2", which sounded like a sampling/real  recording of the band entering into the mine. While, the 3 tracks to follow were like transcendental music with Nihil (vocal/guitar) taking position to do the story telling about whatever mysteries can be found down there. The way the music was crafted is brilliant, from the progressive opening to the drone-style guitar chugging in the middle that built and drove the momentum, and the final explosion at the climax of Nihil's voice. The track "Hahary" was the perfect example.

Listening to FURIA is like goin' into 'astral journey', letting yourself out into wild unexplored terrain, but as soon as you began to drift afar, it will pull you back to whence you started.

The is already the band's 11th releases todate (inclusive of 2 demos earlier). For fans of FURIA, you all should have known what to expect ... If you don't, throw yourself into the deep of 'Guido', and listen to the album down there until you finally did ...

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