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WINGS was majestic and mystical on stage with Orkestra Tradisional Malaysia, yet still stood proud as a loud long haired rock 'n' roll band (BON JOVI's "Blood On Blood" anyone ?). We attended the 2nd show and it was a very big night indeed !
When we first heard that WINGS will hit Istana Budaya with this cultural approach, roping in malay traditional instruments, we started thinking to bring our two kids along.

If somehow 'rock' was not their cup of tea, at least, they will have a brief insight about malay traditional instruments and what was 'silat' (ancient malay martial art) all about, especially when 'modernization' is eating up all the 'old tradition' piece by piece. These will also give them a good understanding that 'rock' music is not just about getting wild all the time. When age started to catch up, our affection for 'rock' music has became more relax, though sometimes old habits did rose its ugly head occasionally, hahaha.

There was no hesitation, WINGS will definitely goin' to nail it. It will be a straight 7 nights performance and the turnout was okay for the 2nd night. The energy will be more monstrous if somehow it goes for only 3 or 4 nights - full house probably.
In line with the theme, there was no long scarf tied at the mic stand as per the 1st night, we have a 'songket' instead for the 2nd night (a traditional patterned type of cloth that comes with metallic thread). All in WINGS wore the traditional heroic outfit, and so did the others on stage. The show started with a poetry like narration by the host and some amazing 'silat' showcase. 
The introduction piece was a 2 songs back-to-back. It started with the 'nobat performance' (traditional musical performance during royal coronation) coming to play, where the trumpet-like 'nafiri' (sounded like bagpipe) was blown out loud and the sound moved in hypnotising rhythm. It actually marked the start of ceremony. JOE gave his electric strumming in response, and the excitement began.

"Hukum Karma" was then executed, sounded so rich musically when the traditional instruments started to blend in here and there. AWIE was at his best. The 'gamelan' (set of brass percussion) was astonishing and WINGS was set to conquer the night.

The sound of 'kompang' (tambourine lookalike hand percussion) then came roaring, giving the cue for 'Bazooka Penaka" to blast in (normally it was the drum making the cue). It was grandeur like a big traditional malay feast goin' mad. We simply lost our sanity at that time, and sang along to it madly. Everybody started singing we believed. 

The 1st segment started with JOE narrating deep about their music. It has always been rock & heavy years after years, but never have they lost their origin, their root. The background was the sound of 'seruling'' (malay traditional flute) mixed with JOE mesmerising string works, and it then continued with "Sayap Illusi' which made the track felt more heavier, not musically though. At that point, we turned to our little girl, she was singing along slowly with her eyes wide opened.

"Sembuyi" was a surprise and broke all boundaries. The 'gamelan' stood out and we got 'gambus' solo (arabic guitar) at the first break before JOE wrapped it up with his electric solo. It was then 'kompang' with female backing vocal at the 2nd break as AWIE hit the high note "...ramai manusia...". Incredible !
Coming all the way from Johor, it was an honour to hear "Tanjung Putri" which started traditionally at first, before turned heavy. Then, there was another long narration to drive up the might as its "Inspirasi Taming Sari" next. Another highlight of the night especially with the short 'silat' showcase at midway which AWIE took part. Once the showcase ended, the track blasted back in style. BLACK got extra pounding support from the 'rebana' and 'gendang' (traditional drums).
"Anugerah" and "Dari Tuhan" (though still heavy at midpart) was accompanied by nasyid group, and  "Zikir Asma Ul-Husna and "Selawat" was added in so that we have a more meaningful night - our compliment.
WINGS also revisited BLUES GANG' - "Ibu" (from 'Versi Tanpa Distortion') with JOE and EDDIE pairing up front for the guitar and bass intro. AWIE was emotionally heavy but still delivered the track well. Then came the 6-tracks medley (from 'Menakluk Kosmos'). The crowds joined in everywhere, and it became so lively. The song "Sejati" was a loud sing along, and the intro was brilliant where JOE took on the 'nafiri' with his wild tremolo play.

Photo courtesy of Sayap-Sayap Wings

So come on and head to Istana Budaya for the remaining nights. Be part of this historical event, or else, you need to wait for 2 years if you are lucky enough to see the show to be released in DVD/CD - just like Rockestra 2013. 'BONGKAR' was extra ordinary and indeed another milestone achievement for WINGS. A must attend !

By the way, the track "Orang Kita" will also work out well for the night ...
  1) Hukum Karma (Hukum Karma)
  2) Bazooka Penaka (Bazooka Penaka)
Monologue (JOE)
  3) Sayap Illusi (Naga Kramat)
  4) Sembunyi (Hukum Karma)
  5) Ranggi Metropolis (Naga Kramat)
Monologue (BLACK)
  6) Tanjung Putri (malay traditional song)
  7) Inspirasi Taming Sari (Belenggu Irama)
Monologue (AWIE)
  8) Zikir Asma Ul-Husna
  9) Anugerah (Hukum Karma)
10) Selawat
11) Dari Tuhan (Belenggu Irama)
Monologue (EDDIE)
12) Ibu (BLUES GANG)
13) Medley
      a) Biru Mata Hitam Ku (Biru Mata Hitam Ku)
      b) Belenggu Irama (Belenggu Irama)
      c) Potret Monalisa (Teori Domino)
      d) Taman Rashidah Utama (Hukum Karma)
      e) Di Ambang Wati (Bazooka Penaka)
      f) Semalam Yang Hangat (Orang Asing)
14) Sejati (Teori Domino)
15) Opera Hidup (Hukum Karma)

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