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It was always special when SEARCH came home and played homeground - Johor Bahru The City of Rock 'N' Roll.

It was even more special this time around. They show was scheduled to start at 8.00 pm, but for whatever reasons, SEARCH only hit the stage at approximately 9.30 pm. The crowds have been waiting helplessly, our old legs have started aching, standing to nothing and some have continued to chant 'We want Search ! We want Search !'.

By 9.00 pm, this one male singer came out (FIQ of the reality TV singing program - Mentor). From the look of his face, it was like he was asked to perform as to fill in the slot. He delivered 3 tracks and we could only shook our head in disapproval. We all came for SEARCH, aren't we ?!
So dear Universal Music Malaysia, no opening act please unless it has been planned and announced earlier. We could plan our schedule better if we knew the show will start so late. Some would probably skipped him for a fast and light dinner outside.

But thankfully, as soon as SEARCH took centre stage, they redeemed the night with a bang. The stage and lighting were incredible. Earlier newspaper report said that SEARCH would probably brings the Istana Budaya setlists down to Nusajaya. It turned out that there were a few changes, the 'Konsert Panggung Khayalan' setlist was good enough for us.
The first 3 tracks were just great. The song "Panggung Khayalan" was that perfect track to open the night, no other. Next was even bigger - "Paranoid" (there was none from 'Karisma' in Istana Budaya, and this time we also got "Melastik Ke Bintang") and then "Gadisku" which raised the atmosphere higher when the crowds started to sing along.

NASIR (bass) was calm with glimpse of smile, singing along to the lyric while pounding the bass in style. DIN (guitar) and KID (guitar) at far left and right did really well. KID was far better from his disastrous 1st night Istana Budaya appearance. While, AMY was electrifying with his amazing wild stage antic. His move at time reminded us of Jacky Chan from the movie 'Drunken Master'. The younger sessionnist PAE (drum) was a madman and worked well with the heavy numbers, capitalizing on his rough drum strokes.

Photo Credit : The Photoshooterz
AMY also talked about their coming 35th Anniversary next year and planned to celebrate it in Johor as this was where the story of SEARCH began.
When YAZIT came onstage, AMY relates the song "Teguh" to him which somehow reflects his strength and dedication. Then it happened, SEARCH did "Ku Taklukkan Dunia", simply unbelievable, and the crowds joined in during " ... Masih Ada ...". So AMY finally realized that they haven't played it live for a very long time. 

The session after YAZIT started with "Gothik Malam Edan" which remained as one good heavy number. We hoped that they will skip "No Way !!!" and replaced one more song from the album 'Rampage'. Perhaps more tracks from 'Karisma'. It ended with "Pawana" as always. We do think that SEARCH is more "Balada Pemuzik Jalanan" than "Pawana".

SEARCH came out with an encore surprisingly, and returned on stage with "Cakap Memang Murah". AMY then came down and hop onto the back of one security and walked pass those at the front, shaking hands. He also tried to let himself loose at the crowds as they began to lift him up to attempt body surfing but was denied by the security.

If 'Konsert Pangung Khayalan' was the Johor version of the Istana Budaya show, then it was surely the winner. Should they kept "Balada Pemuzik Jalanan" (a must have) and "Langit Dan Bumi" in the setlist, we will be more happier, but not at the expense of "Ku Taklukkan Dunia". Welcome back SEARCH ! This is SEARCH we all knew !

Photo Credit : The Photoshooterz
We still put hope for 'Konsert Fenomena 30 Tahun' DVD after 4 years. So, make the move Universal Music Malaysia, we want the 'Panggung Khayalan' show in DVD please.
Video credit : Fenomena Search
  1) Panggung Khayalan (Rock 'N' Roll Pie)
  2) Paranoid (Karisma)
  3) Gadisku (Mentari Merah Di Ufuk Timur)
  4) Metropolitan (Rampage)
  5) Hongky Tong Kosong (Gema Di Timur Jauh)
  6) Kejoraku Bersatu (Selepas Banjir)
  7) Melastik Ke Bintang (Karisma)
  8) Menuju Puncak (Gema Di Timur Jauh)
With Yazit
  9) Ku Taklukkan Dunia (Fenomena)
10) Fantasia Bulan Madu (Mentari Merah Di Ufuk Timur)
11) Kejora (Cinta Buatan Malaysia)
12) Rozana (Langit Dan Bumi)
14) Isabella (Fenomena)

15) Gothik Malam Edan (Gothik Malam Edan)
16) Pelesit Kota (Mentari Merah Di Ufuk Timur)
17) No Way !!! (Gema Di Timur Jauh)
18) Diari Habil & Qabil (Rock 'N' Roll Pie)
19) Isi Dan Kulit (Cinta Buatan Manusia)
20) Pawana (Fenomena)
21) Cakap Memang Murah (Double Trouble)

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