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It was cold, it was raining heavily, but it didn't stop 25,000 peoples to witness the biggest anniversary celebration. We have fans from different generations, coming together making history. Nobody seems to move from where they stood or sat despite drenching wet in the blessing rain. Konsert Wings 30 Tahun set a new benchmark in the history of Malaysia Rock 'N' Roll. We don't think that there will by any local rock concert in the future that will come close. It was monumental ! (let's wait for SEARCH 35th Anniversary next year). The sweat, the rain, the excitement, were all blended into one massive energy which then collided with WINGS all out killer performance. It became like a nuclear explosion !

Earlier, we arrived in Kuala Lumpur quite late and made our way on foot from Jalan Pudu to the once iconic Stadium Merdeka. It was about 6.00 pm then and it started raining as we walked. If there was a madman accidently shooting a video, and coincidently with "Taman Rashidah Utama" played in the background, its goin' to be the worst WINGS tribute video clip ever been made, hahaha !

There was a relax busker-like performance at the entrance and their rendition of WINGS songs were interesting. The one with the acoustic guitar had a full WINGS autograph on his guitar, cool. As we entered the building, we caught a glimpse of familiar face inside. That one guy approached us saying that he somehow remembered seeing us at the Melaka show. He was Hamizi from Pagoh, one crazy guy at MITC, front row facing centre stage.

The show started at approximately 9.30 pm with guests like LAN KRISTAL ("Gegar Gunung Gemora"), AWEERA ("Alam Barzakh"), BILA ("Semalam Yang Hangat"), ONE NATION MC  ("Kau Bukan Brader"), AFLIN SHAUKI ("Midnight Blues"), HATTAN ("Dia"), ITO BLUES GANG ("Biarkan Berlalu") and AZLAN & THE TYPEWRITER ("Enigma") paying tribute with a song each. The sketch from comedian SAIFUL APEK and YASSIN was hilarious (with LAN SCENARIO later joined in). Hat off to the young talented drummer - Nur Amira Syahira.

When the clock hit around 10.30 pm, the big screen at far left and right of the stage started to roll that one grand video montage (the sound effect really drove the excitement). The final sound check on stage was then heard especially the drum roll and bass solo that really got you damn excited and just wanted to scream your heart out. We really need an explosive start to help us survive the cold and freezing night. But when you got "Bazooka Penaka", "Inspirasi Taming Sari" and "Bujang Senang" as opener, back-to-back, its dynamite ! From where we stood, there was no hold back, everyone just exploded ! We didn't even cared to bring out the camera, the impact was just huge. The stage was wide and WINGS played a little bit at the back under the roof as it was raining (understood as it involves electric gadgets). But AWIE came upfront nevertheless. "Bujang Senang" should just continued with the guitar attack after the legendary intro just like from the album, no keyboard. We wished the arrangement for the older songs had fully came back to the original, just like their old heydays.

A live audio CD would really help all of us to revisit that magical moment. We hope that they will include the sound from the video montage and final sound check onstage as that started the big adrenalin rush before everything go 'kaboom' during "Bazooka Penaka". The 1st speech from AWIE should be kept as well (just like the movie 'Rock Oo' - "dah lama tak dengar ucapan yang berbaur politik semacam ni .. hahaha").

While DVD is definitely a must release, no question. This is WINGS greatest concert ever !

We read somewhere that WINGS planned to have segments like the 80's, 90's etc. So, it should started with tracks from the albums 'Belenggu Irama' (1987) and 'Hukum Karma' (1988). But which tracks would really blew the roof off as opener ? Our pick would be "Inspirasi Taming Sari" (the band 1st ever track from the debut album), "Peronda Jaket Biru" and "Jerangkap Samar". But WINGS did not do such sequence in the setlists - starting with tracks taken from the 80's album, then 90's and onward. They just brought back the attire.

While, the bikers cum securities from Lost Cowboys and Violence Storm were cool and easy despite their vicious look.

"Orang Kita" was a surprise, thank you WINGS. The crowds got crazier and louder during the chorus. "Gemala Saktiku" was rare from the album 'Jerangkung Dalam Almari' and we didn't mind they skipped "Awang Trasher" for it. So were "Jumpa Hilang" and "Nasib Kita" that got the crowds more excited. The album version of "Nasib Kita" was actually done by MUS and guest vocal - MAEL (XPDC). So the concert version with AWIE and MUS on vocal was definitely special. We also got an exclusive "Satelit Puaka" version with AWIE alone on stage, strumming and singing on acoustic guitar before the band entered in full force later. He also did electric solo during "Blues Ular Sawa", while JOE lent some vocal parts.

The medley was added with one extra track "Intanku Kesepian" as compared to the 'Menakluk Kosmos Tour' version. Just before the medley, AWIE and BLACK threw out some shirts at the audience as a form of souvenir. Former vocalist - MEL and MUS as well as SHAM (original guitarist in 'Belenggu Irama') joined the band on stage. They were also accompanied with guest axeman RODY KRISTAL and EDRIE HASHIM. While JOJET  (one of the founding member but only appeared in the 4th album 'Jerangkung Dalam Almari') came out later during the drum solo and continued on the drum stool with two more songs. "Misteri Mimpi Syakilla" replaced "Taman Rashidah Utama". Why ? So WINGS could play "Taman Rashidah Utama" in full, and the best part was they finally did it with the original guitar intro. Gone was the piano/keyboard intro for 'Taman Rashidah Utama" at last (the versions at 'Versi Tanpa Distortion' and 'Rockestra 2013' were interesting but we all have been missing the original version far too long).

We always love to have "Romania", "Ranggi Metropolis" and "Sayap Illusi" in the setlists everytime. While the track "Menakluk Kosmos" was the best pick from the new album, aggressive and hard hitting, worked very well for live show. The part where the backing vocal came in on some verses sounded good. The song "Ingatkan Dia" on the other hand was already a big hit in Malaysia, especially after being part of the soundtrack for one Aaron Aziz movie, so it turned out to be a loud sing along. The organ/keyboard intro was indeed catchy, the crowds instantly knew it as soon as the intro started.
Right after "Nasib Kita", AWIE announced that they have been instructed to stop the show but pleaded to the authority to allow them to continue so they can fulfilled their promise to deliver 30 songs that night. WINGS had been goin' on with tracks after tracks for nearly 4 hours already. While AWIE was still delivering his vocal at top notch. If we counted each track from the medley as one, we actually got 31 songs excluding the drum solo, guitar showcase - "Illusi Intonasi" and M. Nasir tribute appearance in the midpart.

They continued to deliver 3 more numbers in a rush before ended with "Peronda Jaket Biru" but with bigger rearrangement at the opening part. Once the track is done, BLACK continued to blast the drum and JOE hitting the string, probably trying to hit another song fast, but the sound was eventually turned off. It was nearing 3.00 am, and it was one glorious night. 31st October with 31 songs. Definitely the best show for 2015 ! It was legendary !
  1) Bazooka Penaka (Bazooka Penaka)
  2) Inspirasi Taming Sari (Belenggu Irama)
  3) Bujang Senang (Teori Domino)
  4) Orang Kita (Hukum Karma)
  5) Gemala Saktiku (Jerangkung Dalam Almari)
  6) Romania (Teori Domino)
  7) Jumpa Hilang (Naga Kramat)
  8) Pengabdian Ku Kekasih (Bazoka Penaka)
  9) Satelit Puaka (Bazooka Penaka)

10) Intan Ku Kesepian (Belenggu Irama)
11) Biru Mata Hitam Ku (Biru Mata Hitam Ku)
12) Belenggu Irama (Belenggu Irama)
13) Potret Monalisa (Teori Domino)
14) Misteri Mimpi Syakila (Hukum Karma)
15) Di Ambang Wati (Bazooka Penaka)
16) Semalam Yang Hangat (Orang Asing)

M NASIR (tribute)
Hikayat Penuh Ranjau (Hukum Karma)
Quote - 30 years ago WINGS was brought to him with hope to record album that can sell 10,000 copies, but the band sold hundred of thousands instead, and WINGS grew to become legend.
Drum Solo (BLACK + JOJET)
Both continued on drum for the following tracks :-
17) R'N'R Lu Punya Suka (Bazooka Penaka)
18) Jerangkung Dalam Almari (Jerangkung Dalam Almari) with MUS
19) Blues Ular Sawa (Double Trouble 2) with MUS
20) Menakluk Kosmos (Menakluk Kosmos)
21) Ingatkan Dia (Menakluk Kosmos)
22) Sayap Illusi (Naga Kramat)
23) Amok (Bazooka Penaka)
24) Taman Rashidah Utama (Hukum Karma)

Guitar Showcase - Illusi Intonasi (JOE + HILLARY)

25) Kota Kemusnahan (Belenggu Irama)
26) Ranggi Metropolis (Naga Kramat)
27) Nasib Kita (Best of Wings 2) with MUS
28) Hukum Karma (Hukum Karma)
29) Opera Hidup (Hukum Karma)
30) Sejati (Teori Domino)
31) Peronda Jaket Biru (Belenggu Irama)

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